Cassandra is a speaker and the author of How to Go from BooHoo to WooHoo in 90 Days.

About Cassandra

If I could share 500 words to inspire, this is the important wisdom I’d want to pass along to others…

I would share the things I know to be true.

  • Any ‘negative’ circumstances of your birth are just the backdrop setting the stage for the inspirational ending to your life story.
  • No matter how wonderful your upbringing, you must continually seek wisdom to master all of the lessons necessary to lead a victorious life.
  • You owe your parents for the gift of life, but what you make of it is entirely up to you.
  • We are all more alike than we are different; look for commonality to touch the hearts of others.
  • We must cultivate the wisdom and the discipline to use adversity to develop our inner strength.
  • Suffering and death are the great equalizers; no matter one’s status none of us can escape either of them.
  • The only worthwhile comparison one should engage in, is who I am today versus whom I am determined to become tomorrow.
  • It takes great strength to be vulnerable.
  • There is only one path to confidence and it is lined with roadblocks you must break through.
  • Guilt and blame enslave; responsibility liberates.
  • When you are loving you are never losing. If you don’t believe me, just observe someone who doesn’t know how.
  • Grudge doesn’t discriminate – it blocks hurt as well as joy.
  • You can exchange self-limiting beliefs just like anything else for something that fits you better.
  • You can extract good fortune from misfortune if you do not let grief consume your ability to be objective.
  • Ignorance is a plague killing more people than disease or natural disasters.
  • There are Universal Laws that anyone can learn and follow to become a master of life.
  • One should never confuse friendship with enabling.
  • Cynicism is an inappropriate response to life.
  • We suffer when we do not understand how life works; living consciously in rhythm with all that is life-affirming starts the journey of healing.
  • Feeding our spiritual body is every bit as necessary as feeding our physical bodies in order to feel complete.
  • Pursuing romantic love should not be our goal but rather the goal should be those the qualities necessary to attract and maintain enduring love.
  • Stress is a sure-fire indicator of a need to deepen one’s faith.
  • There is junk food for the spirit as well as the body; we should limit our intake of both in order to be healthy and happy.