Author, Educator, Speaker

Author, Educator, Speaker

“Cassandra, Who?”

Cassandra has great empathy for people struggling to create positive internal changes.   She is well known for teaching the practical application of Universal Laws for empowerment and success.

Cassandra has the wisdom and heart to teach others the true meaning of internal power and how to transform their lives for the benefit of all.

Cassandra, What?

Whether a keynote format or workshop, Cassandra bases her presentations on developing the character traits necessary to living a life of unconditional happiness from her book, “How to Go from BooHoo to WooHoo in 90 Days.”

The Philosophy
We are all energy but we are not taught how to harness our power to create value for ourselves and others. Value creation is a skill like any other and anyone can learn to create value from even the harshest of circumstances; responsibility is not a burden it is a tool for liberation.  In her quest for healing, Cassandra has studied: Buddhist transformative philosophy, neuroscience, subconscious mind programming, quantum physics, character training and development, dabbled in yoga, tai chi, reflexology, polarity therapy, herbalism, Chinese medicine.

Cassandra is ideal for Spiritual/New Though Centers, Well-being centers, and Women’s Groups.

Cassandra, PLEASE!

This thought-provoking and sought-after orator will expose myths that portray as an elusive mood rather than a skill. Cassandra is always giving listeners resources and practical steps to help on the path to healing.

Cassandra James is an Author, Educator, and Speaker.  She is the author of the book, “How to go from BooHoo to WooHoo in 90 Days” and an inspiring orator teaching her students and clients the practical tools and principles to transform matters of suffering into the catalyst for victory and personal growth.

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